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Current Scheduled Events, Activities and Recognitions

2021 Events

2021  October 30th  1:00 pm  “The History of Elitch Gardens ”  Presentation by Kevin Snow.  See Details

Kevin Snow:  Working with new arrivals from more than seventy countries, Kevin Snow was an ESL teacher for many years.  Showing them around their new homes as part of their English acquisition turned into a job in history instead of grammar.  Kevin’s been out and about with folks since 2005, mostly around the West.  With impeccable grammar and pronunciation, it’s Colorado history in its proper form, with some fun along the way.  The ever-proper Lady of the Gardens, Mary Elitch, would approve!


2021  September 11th  1:00 pm  “The Hungate Massacre. ”  Presentation by Dr. Jeff Broome   See Details


2020 LHS Events Canceled due to COVID-192019  

2019 December Christmas Tree Lighting and LHS Christmas Luncheon (see Photos) 

2019 October 16th  7:00 pm  “Goodnight Legacies”  Presentation by LHS president Larry Schlupp 

Location: Phillip S Miller Library, 100 S Wilcox, Castle Rock CO  80104  – Free –    Details


2019 August 17th  Noon-4:00 pm  “1874 Crull-Hammond Cabin Open House”

Location: “The Crull,” as it is affectionately known, is at 6225 Bear Dance Drive, Larkspur

-FREE-  Details

2019 July 10th  Noon – 4:00 pm  “1824-1929 Orphan Train” Presenter Sharon Danhauer    

* FREE* Details 

2019 June 1, 10:00 Dedication DC Open Space-Town of Larkspur. Colorado Front Range Trail. Columbine Trail Head to Greenland Trail Head

2019 April 24th 7:00 pm  “1918-1919 worldwide Flu Pandemic” Presenter Casandra Letkomiller

  * FREE*  Details  References from the presentation


Archives of Past LHS Events, Activities and Recognitions

2018 LHS Current Scheduled Events, Activities and Recognitions

2018 September 22nd 1:00 pm  “Tours & Treks In Colorado” Presenters Kevin & Shawn Snow * FREE*  Details

2018 July 14th 1:00 pm  Buffalo Bill “A Life In The Wild West”  Presenter Steve Friesen    * FREE*  Details

2018 Saturday April 14th “Guts and Glory” Civil War Medicine and Surgery by  Dr. Bob Malin  View Program 



Archives of Past LHS Events, Activities and Recognitions

2017 LHS Current Scheduled Events, Activities and Recognitions

2017 July 22nd “10th Mountain Division – Climb to Glory” by Dennis Haygen  View Program 

2017 June 17 “Walk into the History of Larkspur” by Danna Hamling  View Tour Description

2017 March 25th “Ancient Douglas County: 10,000 Years of Culture History” by Gordon Tucker PHD

2016 LHS Current Scheduled Events, Activities and Recognitions

2016 October 12th “Your Media & Research Lab for the Future” by Adam Speirs DCHRC View Details

2016 LHS Open House Program at the Crull Cabin  June 16 & July 18 and Greenland School House August 20 , September  17th. View Details 

2016 June 4th  Giant Ponderosas & the Black Forest Fire, by Terry Stokka  View Details

2016 March 5th  Trails To Interstate  Lee Whiteley     View Details

2015 LHS Current Scheduled Events, Activities and Recognitions

 2015, June 13, 1:00 pm Penny Burdick Spring Valley School Memorial Dedication. To see more about Penny Click here

2015, July 11  “Where Do You Think You Are?” Larkspurs Area History Time 1pm

Click here to view details

2015 Exhibits

Window Displays of Historic Properties at the Douglas County Philip S Miller Building.

ONGOING  Free Admission  Normal Business at the Philip S Miller Building 2014 Frink House Celebrates its 100th Anniversary See Frink House Story

2015 Past  Events, Activities and Recognitions

2015,  Larkspur Elementary School Educational Railroad History of the Larkspur & Divide Country .

2015, June 6th Larkspur Settler Days LHS & Larkspur CoC   See Picture and Report

2015, April 9th,  7:00 PM, PS Miller Library, Castle Rock, Colorado

A Successful History Joint Event!  Click here for pictures and the Event report

A History Program jointly sponsored by three local Historical Societies of Castle Rock, Larkspur and Palmer Lake. The program is about the American Federation of Human Rights with it’s world head quarters located in Larkspur Colorado The book “On Holy Ground”  Author Karen Kidd will give a detailed  history of Co-Masonry and the America Federation of Human Rights..

2014 Past  Events, Activities and Recognitions

December 13th, 2014 The annual LHS member only Christmas Party will be Saturday, December 13th, in the Leise Victorian home on Spruce Mountain Road.  Cocktails at 5:00PM and dinner at sixish. Picture from LHS Christmas Dinner

December 6th, 2014

The annual tree lighting program will be held Saturday, December 6, 2014 in the Larkspur Area Town Park.  Traditionally, LHS sponsors a tree to be decorated by Society members and then lit up the evening of the 6th.  Tree stay decorated and lit until the end of January. Pictures from the 2014 Larkspur Tree Lighting Event

November  28th, 2014

LHS Decorates the Penny Tree for the Christmas Season November 3rd, 2014 The history program for the 4th grade children at Larkspur Elementary School wil be held on Monday, November 3, 2014.  The program will begin at 1:00PM in the auditorium of the school

September 13, 2014,  9 am to 4 pm, Larkspur Area 3rd Annual Fall  Harvest & Craft Festival, FREE at the Larkspur Community Park  Event Details  Event Report

September 5th,  2014   10:00 am – Larkspur Park – LHS Members Meeting followed by a Picnic

 August 9 2014 Douglas County Fair LHS Participation at the History Booth. See the participants

June 27, 2014  History Colorado Tour of Greenland and Spring Valley Cemetery

June 13, 2014  Shamrock Ranch Tour   (LHS Members Only)

June 7, 2014  Spring into Summer Larkspur Park 

May 17, 2014 Crull Cabin Open House  Saturday, 11:00AM – 2:00PM

Highlands Ranch Mansion Tour January 21, 2014 Pictures & Story

For more information about the Highlands Ranch Mansion click here

(In Work) Highlands Ranch Mansion Tour Information

 2013 and Prior Years Archives of LHS Scheduled Events, Activities and Recognitions

Crull/Hammond Open House 

September 28, 2013   11:00 am to 2:00 pm

Crull Cabin Open House Information and Directions

 HDC Schedule of historical related events in Douglas County

December 7, 2013 Larkspur Tree Lighting