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2014 Allis Ranch Landmarking


By Larry Schlupp

The Douglas County Board of County Commissioners approved the Designation of the Allis Ranch as a Contributing Site to the Greenland Townsite District Landmark, Project File: HP2013-002

On February 24, 2014, the Douglas County Board of County Commissioners approved two new landmarkings for Douglas County: The Kleinert Homestead near Castlewood Canyon, bordering the old Castlewood Canyon Dam Road and the Allis Ranch west of the Greenland Townsite, contributing to the Greenland Townsite District.

The picture above reflects the Board of County Commissioners, members of the Larkspur Historical Society and Archivists from the Douglas County History Research Center. From left to right (rear): Adam Spiers (DCHRC), Bob Leise (LHS), Bill Noe (LHS), Dennis Burdick (LHS), Danna Hamling (LHS), Commissioner Jack Hilbert, Commissioner Jill Repella, Jim Weglarz (LHS), Glen Leise (LHS), Larry Schlupp (LHS) and Commissioner Roger Partridge; left to right (front): Phyllis Bonser (LHS) and Shaun Boyd (DCHRC).

Presenter Judy Hammer, Planner-Department of Community Development and Administration of the Douglas County Historic Preservation Board, made the presentation of both the Kleinert Homestead and Allis Ranch landmarking submission. The late Penny Burdick was the driving instrument that put together the Allis Ranch proposal. It was the last landmarking project Penny worked, but she was not able to see it through to the end. Dennis Burdick, Penny’s husband, represented Penny at the BOCC Meeting.

Allis Ranch Landmark Approval 2.24.2014









Allis Ranch Greenland, Colorado

This colorized photo of the Allis Ranchgives a fuller picture of the area and placement of buildings. The color of the house has changed over the years as well as fences. Photo circa 1913.