Larkspur Historical Society

Larkspur Area COC Fall Festival 9/2014 report

The third annual Harvest & Crafts Fest, hosted by the Larkspur Area Chamber of Commerce was a  successful day for the Larkspur Historical Society.  Saturday morning, September 13th began with sunshine and the entire day was an excellent weather day, bringing out many guests into the Larkspur Area Park. 


Commerce started at 9:00AM.  Danna Hamling, Dave Hamling, John Hultman, and Larry Schlupp arrived an hour early to begin setting up tents and product.  

The Society previewed coffee mugs fashioned by potter, Anne Shimek of Palmer Lake.  These mugs feature our logo and are printed with “Larkspur”.  They created interest and sold very well.


Danna produced flyers for the table, featuring the Frink house, celebrating its 100th birthday.  Guests were quite interested in the house and left with a flyer in hand.   See the Frink House Story


Guests spent time perusing the site books on Larkspur and the Crull Cabin.  Books put together by LHS and donated to the Philip S. Miller Library by Penny Burdick.  


There were approximately 60 vendors present, including the “Apple Orchard” from Penrose, Colorado, selling fresh Golden Delicious, Jonathan, and Honey Crisp apples.  Live music and food, including Funnel Cakes.


The Chamber and professional vendors are so pleased with this event that they may extend it to two days. Approximately 1600 people attended this year’s event.

Report by Danna Hamling, VP LHS