Larkspur Historical Society

2015 Settler Days at Larkspur Park



On June 6, 2015, on the beautiful green park of Larkspur, Larkspur Historical Society participated in Larkspur Settlers’ Day. Suddenly, somebody turned back the clock to the turn of the century …twentieth century, that is! What a gala and exciting event it was with the reincarnation of the Frink Creamery …cheese anyone? …J. P. Riggs General Store …a whiskey saloon …an old fashioned bake off …burgers, brats and dogs …mountain men, replete with black powder 50 calibers and tomahawk throwing …all sorts of games, like egg rolling, tug-o-wars and three legged races …an evening of bonfire dances with blue grass favorite Kantankerous. Wow! If you missed this event, make sure you sandwich it into your 2017 calendar and take this lovely trip back in time. Some three hundred people found the event “Amazing!” And somehow, June storms pretty much skirted the area.