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Historic Larkspur Area Ranches

Covering - Glen Grove, Greenland, Huntsville, Larkspur, Perry Park, Spring Valley, Tomah and Williamsville

This ranch list will give you some insight into where the early ranches were and what became of them. The story of the Douglas County Pioneers continues through these ranches. The Douglas County Ranching Family Tree has a span of over 150 years and shows an ever changing county. When the ranch’s name changed, sometimes, so did the acreage. Future additions to this list will show an overlapping of ownership and an ever changing map.

This is the life that many dreamed of cutting out of the frontier for themselves. The life that these pioneers made for themselves did not only include cattle and horses, as you will read. Photos and maps are also shown to help round out the story. A piece of poetry about these old timers from 1922 gives more insight into how meaningful these people were to each others lives and can be read here.

The information that you will find is not all inclusive, if you have additions, corrections or questions, please write to the e-mail address provided on this web site. Click on the ranch names to read the biographies. The links will be going live over time, please check back often for additions to our list.

Abbe Ranch, James = Perry Park

Albin Ranch, George E. = Larkspur . a.k.a.; Kinner Ranch, John; Joseph Kerr Ranch. (see Kinner Ranch.)

Alderman Ranch, Newton a.k.a.; Silver State Farm, Cherry Creek Ranch= Spring Valley E. Cherry Creek.

Allis Ranch, Charles = Greenland

Babcock Ranch, Jerome C. = Greenland. a.k.a.; Simeon Green Ranch; HX Ranch or Noble, Munson & Black Cattle Company; Mr. Church. (See Green Ranch.)

Banner Ranch =

Bay state Ranch = Greenland  a.k.a.: J. C. Babcock ranch (see Babcock Ranch and Simeon Green Ranch)

Beggs. C. W. = Perry Park (see Cantril and Henry Vogt )

Ben Lomond Ranch = Greenland. a.k.a.; Bennet, Oakes & Daniels Ranch, Joseph F. Bennet Family, Harold Higginson Family.

Bennet, Hiram P. = Greenland. (See Ben Lomond Ranch.)

Berger = Larkspur (see w. J. Thompson ranch)

Best Ranch = Spring Valley

Binford Ranch = Tomah

Blake, Ephraim = Larkspur

Brand Ranch, Charlie = Greenland a.k.a. Red Polled Breeding Farm, Ross Ranch (See Cold Springs Ranch.)

Brennan Ranch, Peter = Larkspur /Perry Park aka: Ford Place, Wallace Turner ranch.

Bromwell, William = Larkspur (See Cold Spring Ranch)

Brown Ranch, Samuel = Spring Valley  Melvin Brown, Jr., includes William Ross & Alfred Guthrie homesteads

Bucks Ranch = Spring Valley

Burke Ranch = Perry Park (see Haystack/Sandstone Ranch)

Butler Ranch = Greenland. (See Hudson & Butler Ranch.)

Calhoun, John = Spring Valley

Cantril = Perry Park

Chamberlain Ranch = Larkspur.  William and Ellis Chamberlain

Cherry Creek Ranch = Spring Valley. a.k.a.; Silver State Farm, Newton Alderman Ranch. (See Alderman Ranch.)

Church Ranch = Greenland. (See Sim Green Ranch)

Cold Springs Ranch = Greenland. a.k.a.; Charlie Brand Ranch, Angus McBane/McIntosh Ranch, Tom Oxley, E. E. Myers Ranch, Tom Oxley Family, Wilbur Dowdy, Judge Leon M. King, Colonel Danks, Ted J. Weber, William Bromwell, Edward Serrell Family, Jerry R. Noe

Cousins, Boyd E. = Perry Park (see Perry Park Ranch)

Crosswhite, Charles Edgar = Cherry/Spring Valley/Williamsville

Crull Ranch, William = Huntsville. a.k.a.; Hammond Ranch, Crull Cabin ( also spelled Kruel and Krull)

Crystal Springs Ranch = Greenland

Dahlberg, Russell = Spring or Cherry  Valley. (See Andy Seaburg Ranch)

Dakan Ranch, Allan & George = Perry Park

Daniels Ranch = Greenland (See Ben Lomond Ranch.)

Danks, Colonel = Greenland (See Cold Springs Ranch)

Dawson, Thomas = Tomah

Diamond G Ranch =
Larkspur   a.k.a. MacHurst ranch

Dillon, William

Divide Ranch = Divide/Larkspur

Donley Ranch = Larkspur.

Dowdy, Wilbur = Greenland. (See Cold Springs Ranch)

Eagle Mountain Ranch = Greenland. a.k.a.; The Noe Family, I.J. Noe.

Echo Ranch = Greenland   a.k.a. Jacob D. Tourtillott ranch

Feather Ridge Farm = Spring or Cherry Valley. a.k.a.; Andy Seaburg Ranch, Russell Dahlberg Ranch.

Fritz Ranch = Greenland.

Gandy, Henry Harper = Spring Valley

Gard, John = Greenland. a.k.a.; Melvin Olson Ranch

Geiger Ranch = Spring Valley

Gile, Joseph Franklin = Divide, Spring Valley

Gove Ranch, Asa = Perry Park. a.k.a.; Gilbert & Harland Palm Ranch. Gove Canon and Gove Creek

Grant Ranch = Perry Park. a.k.a.: Haystack Ranch

Green Ranch, Simeon = Greenland . a.k.a.; HX Ranch or Noble, Munson & Black Cattle Company; Mr. Church; Jerome C. Babcock Ranch.

Greenland Ranch = Greenland. a.k.a.; Greenland Breeding Farm.

Grout Ranch, Newton = Glen Grove. (see Jackson Creek Ranch.)

Guthrie, Alfred M. = Spring Valley (see Samuel Brown)

Hammond Ranch, John = Huntsville. (see Crull Ranch)

Haystack Ranch = Perry Park. a.k.a.. = Sandstone Ranch. AR Sandstone LLC, John Burke, Burkhardt, May Byran, Eugene Campagnola, R. Edson, Kathleen Chambers, Thomas Cornish, Boyd Cousins, Nathan Dozois, Ruth Duryea, Mandi England, Frank Fazio,Carl Gross, John Koontz, ,Gerald Leiser, Memmex, Anna Palm, Gilbert Palm, Harlan Palm, Charles Perry, Betty Prince, Dan Reid, Charles Richardson, George Robinson, Harry Starr, Tom Starr, Seth Thompson, Earl and Elsie Tucker, Floyd - Wilma Turner, Wallace Turner, Sherrod Vincent, Benjamin Webb

Higby = Greenland

Hidden Valley Ranch = Greenland

Higginson, Harold = Greenland. (See Ben Lomond Ranch also). Amy (Amelia Pearl Stewart) Higginson

Hopkins Ranch, Isaac = Greenland. (See Hudson & Butler)

Hudson & Butler Ranch, Algernon Hudson & Henry R. Butler Greenland. a.k.a.; Isaac Hopkins Ranch.

Hughes, Bela M. = Perry Park  (see Perry Park Ranch)

Hughes, William E. = Perry Park (see Perry Park Ranch)

Hunt Ranch = Huntsville

HX Ranch = Greenland. a.k.a.; Noble, Munson & Black Cattle company; Mr. Church, Jerome C. Babcock Ranch. (See Green Ranch.)

Jackson Creek Ranch = Glen Grove. Newton Grout Family.

Johnston, Samuel L. = Greenland

Jordan Brothers = Tomah

Keene Ranch = Larkspur (Tomah)

Kerr Ranch, Joseph = Larkspur. a.k.a.; Kinner Ranch, George E. Albin Ranch. (See Kinner Ranch)

Killin = Spring Valley (see Lincoln Ranch)

King, Judge Leon M. = Larkspur  (see Cold Spring Ranch)

Kinner Ranch, John = Larkspur . a.k.a.; Joseph Kerr Ranch, George E. Albin Ranch.

Koontz, John A. = Perry Park (see Haystack Ranch & Carr Lamb Ranch)

Lamb Ranch, Carr = Larkspur

Lambert = Spring Valley

Lamont, Robert P. Jr. = Perry Park (see Perry Park Ranch)

Lavelett Ranch = Spring Valley

Leyner, J. George = Perry Park (see Perry Park Ranch)

Likes, Fred = Perry Park (see Carr Lamb Ranch)

Lincoln Fur Farm = Larkspur.

Lincoln Ranch = Spring Valley aka; Killin Ranch

Lombard = Greenland

Lorraine Ranch, Joseph = Spring Valley

Lowell Ranch = Greenland

Machurst Ranch, James P. McInroy = Larkspur. McInroy family

McDowell Ranch = Greenland

McClure Ranch =

McInroy, James P. = Larkspur (See MacHurst Ranch.)

McIntosh Ranch = Greenland (See Cold Springs Ranch)

Metz Ranch = Metz canyon

Ministar/Mintspar Ranch =

Moorhead Ranch = Greenland

Myers Ranch, E.E. = Greenland. (See Cold Springs Ranch)

Nickson Ranch, George = Perry Park. a.k.a.; Park Valley Ranch, Nickson Brothers Ranch.

Nimerick Ranch, James M. = Greenland.

Noble, Munson & Black Cattle Company = Greenland. (see Sim Green Ranch)

Noe Ranch, Isaac Jegirtha = Greenland. (See Eagle Mountain Ranch and Greenland Ranch)

Noe, Jerry = Larkspur    (see William Jackman Thompson Ranch)

Norris Ranch, George Whitefield = Greenland (Also spelled Nores)

Oakes, Daniel C. = Greenland. (See Ben Lomond Ranch.)

Olson Ranch, Melvin = Greenland. (See Gard Ranch)

Oxley Family = Greenland. (See Cold Springs Ranch)

Paepcke, Walter = Perry Park (see Perry Park Ranch)

Palm Ranch, Gilbert & Harland = Perry Park. a.k.a.; Gove Ranch (See Gove Ranch)

Palm/Simey & Potts = Perry Park. Charles J. Palm (See Tucker Ranch also)

Park Valley Ranch = Perry Park (see Nickson Ranch)

Perry, John Dietz = Perry Park (see Perry Park Ranch)

Perry Park Ranch = Perry Park. a.k.a.; John Dietz Perry, Bela M. Hughes, William E. Hughes, J. George Leyner, Robert P. Lamont, Jr., Walter Paepcke, Boyd E. Cousins, Lee Stubblefield.

Peterson Ranch = Lake Gulch

Petrie Ranch = Greenland

Pleasant Park = Perry Park  (see Perry Park Ranch)

Plum Creek Ranch = Perry Park or Tomah

Pollock Ranch = Greenland

Quick Ranch, Benjamin = Perry Park

Ratcliff, George = Larkspur

Red Polled Breeding Farm = Larkspur   a.k.a. Cold Springs Ranch, Ross Ranch, Charlie Brand Ranch

Richardson, Charles = Perry Park (see the Haystack Ranch)

Remington = Greenland

Robinson Ranch = Perry Park  (Earl Tucker )

Rock Ridge Ranch = Cherry Valley

Ross Ranch = Larkspur a.k.a. Cold Springs Ranch, Red Polled Breeding Farm, Charlie Brand Ranch

Ross, William H. = Spring Valley (see Samuel Brown)

Salomon Ranch = Greenland. a.k.a.; Fed Z. Salomon, Salomon Brothers, Salomon Gas, Oil & Coal Company.

Seaburg Ranch, Andy = Spring Valley or Cherry Valley. (See Feather Ridge Farm.)

Sedbrook = Greenland

Serrell Family, Edward = Greenland (See Cold Springs Ranch)

Silver State Farm = Spring Valley. a.k.a.; Newton Alderman Ranch; Cherry Creek Ranch. (See Alderman Ranch.)

Simey & Potts Ranch = Perry Park. (See Charles J. Palm Ranch & Tucker Ranch)

Sinclaire Ranch = Perry Park

Smith, Adam = Tomah

Smith Ranch = (Greenland)

Smith, Jacob = Larkspur. (See Whitehead Ranch.)

Smith Ranch, Upton Treat = Larkspur

Spring Creek Ranch = Larkspur, Mrs. Crull

Starr Ranch= Perry Park. Harry, Tom & Walter.

Stewart = Larkspur   a.k.a. West View Ranch

Stubblefield, Lee = Perry Park (see Perry Park Ranch)

Swinney Brothers Ranch = Perry Park

Swinney, King Ranch = Perry Park

The Old Waddy Place = Larkspur. (See Dan Whitehead Ranch.)

Thompson, William Jackman= Larkspur

Tintle, David = Spring Valley

Tourtillott, Jacob D. = Greenland  a.k.a. Echo Ranch

Trail, James Ranch = Spring Valley

Tucker, Earl = Perry Park  (also see Elizabeth Robinson Ranch )

Turner Ranch, Wallace = Larkspur or Perry Park (also see Haystack Ranch)

U.T. Ranch = (see Upton Treat Smith Ranch)

Van Diest, E. C. = Larkspur   a.k.a. MacHurst and Diamond G.

Vogt, Henry = Perry Park  (see Cantril and C. W. Beggs )

Ware Ranch = Larkspur

Weber, Ted = Larkspur  (see Cold Spring Ranch)

West View Ranch = Larkspur   a.k.a. Stewart family

Whitehead Ranch= Williamsville and Larkspur a.k.a.; Waddy Place, Jacob Smith Ranch.

Williams, David R. = Williamsville

Wilson, James Dallas = Tomah

Winkler Ranch = Spring Valley

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