Larkspur historical Society
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John Hammond Ranch

Agriculture took many forms in Douglas County. John Hammond took the office of county sheriff in 1947 and served in that position for 24 years. He had many vocations other than law enforcement during his lifetime, some of which were raising cattle and turkeys. This picture of  his turkeys is just north of Larkspur and is significant because of its proximity to the settlement of Huntsville, Douglas County's first territorial post office and a stage stop for early travelers and freighters along East Plum Creek in 1860. The ranch site was homesteaded by William Crull, the second postmaster of Huntsville. Currently, an architectural study is being done on a log cabin located on this property and time dated to 1874. The detail of the cabin is a wonderful example of methods of construction and uses of the time period. Douglas County has added this property to their inventory allowing school children and the general public to enjoy this wonderful example of early life on the frontier on special occasions.

B. J. Bussing and John Hammond are in this photo (background left of center) among Hammond's April hatched broad breasted bronze turkeys. A flock that numbered 4,000.