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Larkspur School

Larkspur School history begins with a deed, recorded June 29, 1872 from Morris Blodget to the Directors of School District 15, for a small tract of land in the Northeast Quarter of the Northwest Quarter in Section Nine, Township Ten South, Range Sixty Seven West that later became part of the Carr Lamb Ranch located southwest of Larkspur.  A condition of the sale states, ��to keep the fence on the division line in good repair and the school house to be used for church purposes when not occupied by school.�  It is unknown the exact date a school building was placed on the site and no newspaper accounts are found regarding the district until June 26, 1889 when an advertisement for bids to move Larkspur School appeared. The following year, Castle Rock Journal reported on March 12, 1890, �The board of directors of school district 15 tore down their school house, moved it three miles, put it up again, put on a new roof, painted it inside and out and enclosed one acre of land with four barbed wires at a cost to their district of $150. The acre of land was donated by Mr. S.C. Stout, president of The Trust Co.�  The school was located on the northeast corner of what was then called the Village of Larkspur and positioned west of the Santa Fe Depot and Section House and adjacent to the intersection of Perry Park Avenue and the Santa Fe Railroad tracks today.  On March 26, 1890, A Castle Rock Journal article stated, �A dance was held at the new school house in Larkspur.�  On April 1, 1896, the Castle Rock Journal reported that a special meeting was held to consider the advisability of moving the schoolhouse, but it was decided to �make no change of site at present.�  Subsequently, May 13, 1896, Larkspur voted to levy a five-mill tax to build a new schoolhouse and on September 2, 1896 Castle Rock Journal reported, �A contract for the new Larkspur School had been let to Mr. Fletcher.�  It is believed these articles relate to the existing school in Larkspur.

Kids outside the original one room larkspur Schoolhouse Circa 1880s.

The following year a Castle Rock Journal article dated August 20, 1897 reported that sealed bids for the building of a school in District 15 in the �south end of the district� would be accepted through August 7, 1897 and that plans would be available at the �Larkspur School House.� A logical assumption can be made that this story relates to Stone Canyon School because on February 4, 1898 Castle Rock Journal reports ,�The new school District 15, at Stone Canyon has a larger enrollment and attendance than the old school at Larkspur.� Stone Canyon School was located in southern Douglas County west of Highway 105, and shared a tax base with Larkspur.  A list of Douglas County School Teachers for 1898 lists two teachers for Stone Canyon.

A cyclone destroyed the Larkspur school on August 3, 1912.  Arrangements were just being made by the school board to have the schoolhouse moved over across the Santa Fe Railroad tracks and closer to town at the time of the storm.  While plans were being made for a new school classes were held in a dwelling owned by the local blacksmith until a new building was erected.  On October 12, 1912, William Phifer sold a tract of land east of the Santa Fe Railroad tracks to School District 15 for the new Larkspur school to be built.  In 1913, the two-room red brick building was completed at its present location.  A larger room included a stage that served as an auditorium for school and community activities. The school was constructed in the Neo-Georgian style with a hip roof, bell, front porch, white pained window trim and flared corner overhangs. In 1926, a thirty three by forty five foot one room brick addition was made to the school.  More improvements were made in 1954 when a rectangular addition was constructed in the back of the building to include a gymnasium, restrooms, all purpose room, new lunchroom and enlargement of the kitchen and storage areas. The old lunchroom was then converted into a third classroom.


Girls on swings at the Larkspur School. 1934. L to R: Beryl Hammond, Reva Smith, Theda Doud, ??, Josephine Garcilasco, Lucy Teniente.

Keith Webster and Worthing Taylor (below) standing in front of the Larkspur School Building, 1943-1944. Courtesy of the Larkspur Historical Society.

In 1960, the school had a bulging student population of 43 students. During the 50s and 60s, the school enrollment increased so much that a staff of three teachers were needed. Larkspur School shared a principal with another school in Castle Rock. In 1957, the Greenland school was closed and students had to go to Castle Rock, as there was not enough room at the Larkspur school.  In the late 1960�s, as the Perry Park and Greenland areas grew in population, it became necessary to replace the old building. A new school was built west of Larkspur at 1103 W. Perry Park Avenue and on April 22, 1973, the building was dedicated. The large bell, located above the entrance door of the old school, was removed and placed in a new bell tower at the new school.

In 1975, the original Larkspur school building was sold to Robert Dooken who ran a nut packaging plant in the building for a few years. Subsequently, the school has been used as a private residence and a day care facility. 

In 1989, the town of Larkspur held an option to purchase the old schoolhouse. The town�s intent was to restore the building for a town hall and also use it for public activities, with the area around the school as a town square focal point. That project was later dropped.

In 2004, the old Larkspur School building was purchased and remodeled to become the new Larkspur Post Office.

Larkspur Historical Society August 2010.

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