Larkspur historical Society
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Larkspur Creamery

In the fall of 1896, the Larkspur Creamery operated by Richard Fosdick was in full operation and the main industrial business for Larkspur. The area was rich in dairy farms and with the unique type grasses growing in the area a plentiful supply of milk was always available.

In 1902 the Carlson and Frink Creamery was incorporated by Mr. Clarence B. Frink. The milk cans were painted half red and half green.

This creamery was known for the popular Black Canyon Cheese. When in full operation the creamery used 800 pounds of milk a day. It had retail outlets in many locations in Douglas County as well as other outlets around Colorado.

Mr. Frink owned property at 22nd and Humbolt in Denver where he kept horses and several milk wagons. The milk was loaded on the wagons and pulled through Denver making house to house deliveries.

This business provided livelihood for many Larkspur residents and ranchers as well. In 1917 milk sold for 10 cents a gallon.

The flood of 1965 completely destroyed the creamery which was beginning to disband at that time.

The Frink family home can still be seen at 9490 S. Spruce Mountain Road.