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Patrick (Irish Pat) Murphy

James Pettigrew & Patrick Murphy - Photograph courtesy of Palmer Lake Historical Society.

Pat Murphy, (pictured on the right) was an early pioneer of Spring Valley. James Pettigrew is on the left and was a neighbor of Pat's. Pat left Ireland on the ship, called Kangaroo, in April 1864 and arrived fourteen days later in New York City. After working various jobs he came west, first living in Monument, Colorado, in 1865. He started his homesteaded near Spring Valley in 1870. The log cabin pictured was his residence and was said to be the best in the area. Mr. Murphy always walked to town and once was offered a ride to Colorado Springs, but declined he said because he was in a hurry."  He also climbed Pikes Peak at the age of 101 years, he was a remarkable man. He is buried in the Spring Valley Cemetery.

This is a photo of Patrick Murphy's log cabin, the date of the photo is unknown. James Pettigrew and George Stamm are pictured at the door. Irish Pat constructed this cabin just across the county line, in El Paso County, and the stacking method show here is called steeple notching.