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Fort Washington

Indians were a real concern for the early settlers along Plum Creek in the 1860's. The Colorado Territory was so large that the military cavalrymen were unable to give much protection to the families. The only way to protect families was to build a fort and organize their forces as best as possible. There were 3 forts in southern Douglas County one being Fort Washington. the People's Fort known as Oakes' Folly located on East Plum Creek in Huntsville and the Spring Valley Fort in the Spring Valley town site located today at the intersection of Lorraine Road and Spring Valley Road. Sentries manned the forts and were posted at command points where they were able to follow the movements of the Indians. Each fort also had a cavalry troop.

Fort Washington, built in 1868, was constructed of eight feet high sections of logs laid in a double row with earth in between them. The log walls surrounded Quick's house and barn and enclosed over an acre of land. A well supplied both the settlers and livestock with water. It took the settlers a week to finish the fort and a week later an Indian attack was imminent. Somewhere around 15 people managed to get to the fort bringing whatever they could on wagons. The families ended up staying for two months. Nothing can be seen of the fort today.

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