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Dawson Butte

Dawson Butte looking west

Dawson Butte sometimes known as Dawson Mountain was named for an early homesteader on West Plum Creek named Thomas Dawson. Mr. Dawson came to the area in the early 1860's and staked out squatters rights below the butte. He was the first postmaster at Bear Canyon. Dawson Butte is a 7,476 foot landmark for both East and West Plum Creek. The 1820 Stephen Long expedition climbed the butte to determine their location. This was one of the early expeditions through Plum Creek and this mountain is documented in field notes. Because of the unusual washes on the side and the way the sun would shadow on those washes the turn of the century settlers could always tell what time it was. The Dawson arkose geological formation which extends over much of Douglas County derived its name from Thomas Dawson and Dawson Butte.