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Not much more than a water stop for the Santa Fe railroad, Tomah is mentioned in the local newspapers from 1900 through 1923. When ranches found in the area of this railroad stop were mentioned in the papers they were mentioned as being located at Tomah. The location of Tomah was four miles south of Castle Rock on the west side of I-25. Tomah road starts at the railroad tracks and runs west to Perry Park road, past Dawson Butte, I-25 being on its east and a frontage road runs from it back to Castle Rock.

We are not sure where the name, Tomah, came from, but there is a Terra Tomah mountain found in the Rocky Mountain National Park and it is also the name of towns in Wisconsin and Maine. Since this was a railroad maintenance stop it would have been named by the railroad.

Today Tomah road is used by area residents to get to Perry Park and other subdivisions. Trains still use the tracks although they seldom stop at this historic point.