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Eagle Mountain Ranch

The Noe Family

Isaac Jegirtha Noe, known as I.J. came to Douglas County, Colorado, in 1878, with wife Jennie. I.J.’s brother, William, had a homestead in Greenland. I.J. quickly secured employment at the Greenland Ranch, working for A. B. Daniels, the founder of Greenland Ranch. I. J. became manager of the Ranch, then called, the Greenland Breeding Farm in 1881. Later I. J. became a partner with C. B. Kountz, who had purchased the Greenland property from the Daniels estate; they went into the cattle business, with I. J. taking on the role of foreman and later Superintendent.

When I. J. purchased the Matthew D. Moorhead property, consisting of 160 acres, to add to the Greenland holdings, it was Mr. Kountz who was not happy with the purchase. I. J. decided to purchase this property for himself; this was February 6, 1890. This purchase started what became known as the Eagle Mountain Ranch, situated west of Greenland, the ranch is south of Larkspur and included Eagle Mountain on the south side of the property.

Soon the ranch grew to over 1,400 acres where I.J raised registered shorthorn Cattle. He quickly earned an excellent reputation for the quality of his herd. The following article from the 1920 Record Journal of Douglas County attests to his breeding abilities; "Record Breaking Cow – I.J. Noe and son, proprietors of the Eagle Mountain Ranch…, have a Shorthorn cow which they claim is a record-breaker. They have been improving their herd for many years and now have one of the best herds in the county." He also raised trotting horses, Berkshire Hogs, while wife Jennie is credited with raising turkeys and they sold the cream of the fifteen cows that were milked.

By 1902 I. J’s ranch had 85 head of stock, an ice house, horse barn, and cow sheds in addition they had a fish pond stocked with trout and cat fish. The Noe’s grew crops of oats, wheat, barley and potatoes. Hay crops of alfalfa, timothy, red top and native hay were also grown. A race track was built at the ranch for I.J.’s trotting horses, which he enjoyed racing.

I.J. and Jennie Noe, known as social and hospitable hosts, sometimes celebrated by hosting parties and barn dances like the one written about in the Castle Rock Journal of August 1908. "Mr. and Mrs. I. J. Noe welcome their friends to an open house and swell barn dance last Friday evening and their friends found good music, furnished by the Dolan orchestra of Monument. The barn which was built especially for these occasions was beautifully lighted and the floor was put in fine shape by Fred Noe who is a specialist in this line, it was a nice place to dance and while the hours away in playing cards until midnight. Delicious refreshments were served at midnight and then the dancing resumed until the early hour in the morning. Mrs. Noe served a wholesome and dainty luncheon. Everybody enjoyed themselves to the fullest extent and are always anxious for another year to roll by to have the opportunity of celebrating this occasion annually. Those in attendance were from Palmer Lake, Glen Park, Manzanola, Colorado Springs and from Salt Lake City; F.E. Arthur a relation of the Noe’s."

Fred Noe took over the operation of his father’s ranch and brought up 10 children with his wife Jennie Katherine (Higby). Fred Noe and sons were proud of their registered shorthorn cattle many calves were 4H projects, winning many ribbons at various shows and county fairs.

Today the Noe Ranch is a Centennial Ranch having been worked for well over 100 years by the Noe family and showing no signs of stopping.

Isaac Jegirtha Noe

Eagle Mountain Ranch c.1900 - 1910. Today the trees have grown and seclude the house on the left. The house was built in 1895.

I. J. Noe with his race horse and cart.

This prize winning bull is “Villager”, owned by the Eagle Mountain Ranch.  The photo was taken in approximately 1900.

I. J. Noe's National Cattleman's pin.

First National Convention of Cattlemen's coin owned by I.J. Noe.

Fred Noe.

Fred Noe also participated in horse and cart racing in Littleton.

Thanks to the Colorado Historic Newspaper Collection and Ida May Noe History Collection.