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Gove Ranch / Palm Ranch

Ahimaaz Gove’s name can be found in the Castle Rock newspaper as early as 1887.  His son, Asa, took care of his father’s estate in 1892. There was no ranch for Asa to take over, but Asa soon bought his own place near Perry Park when he and Nona or Nora Vanhilburg married in March of 1894. Like most other ranches of the area Asa grew crops of corn, hay and grains, and he also raised cattle.

The year 1895 brought excitement to the area when ore was found on the property. It was reported that the ore was worth “…$16 a ton in gold on the surface…” but this was short-lived. Soon the ranchers settled back down to the hard work that ranching involved. Other excitement for the young couple was that their first daughter, Leslie, was born. Their second daughter, Ozella, was born in 1899.

A canyon called Gove, named after this family, was situated between Starr and Metz canyons. Today’s maps reference Gove Creek between Starr and Metz canyons. We do know that families in the area, with children, such as the Dakan’s were attending the Gove Canyon elementary school. The newspapers, Castle Rock Journal and later the Record Journal, had many articles about Gove canyon. These articles started in late 1901 talking of the area being used for its trees. The trees were cut into ties at the nearby Lambert Sawmill. After August of 1902 the articles changed telling of picnics, Girl Scout camping trips and Fourth of July parties taking place in the canyon.

Sometime well after Gilbert Palm’s father, Charles, died in 1901, possibly after 1930, Gilbert purchased the Gove Ranch with brother Harland. This ranch stayed in the family, Gilbert and Harland’s niece operated the ranch in later years. This ranch was very close, in the same range, as that of Gilbert’s father’s ranch. See Charles J. Palm or the Simey & Potts Ranch.

Thanks to the Colorado Historic Newspaper Collection, US Census records, the book “Our Heritage the People of Douglas County and the Douglas County History Research Center at Castle Rock Library.