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Harold Higginson Ranch

In 1907 Harold Higginson and his brother, Arthur, both Colorado natives, purchased some of the acreage of the Ben Lomond Ranch that was in Douglas County. At the time it is reported that the brothers together purchased 2,500 acres of the ranch. The book Our Heritage People of Douglas County with an article written by Amelia P. Higginson said:

“Harold and Arthur raised 125 head of Herford cattle…and grew small grains; wheat and oats…”

After a few years Arthur and Harold divided the property with Harold taking the property west of the railroad tracks and Arthur taking the property east of the tracks. Later Arthur sold his land and returned to his Turkey Creek Ranch south of Deckers, in Douglas County. Harold and Arthur’s parent’s lived near Buffalo Creek close to Pine Colorado.

In 1906 Harold started building his home which was finished 1908. Harold and wife, Essie May (Voorhees), were married March 6, 1907. The house was situated two and a half miles north of Palmer Lake in Douglas County.

Harold and Essie.

The Higginson’s children, Robert, Russell, Esther, Albert and Janet were schooled in Douglas County. Some of the children attended the Greenland School.

In 1933 Harold’s son Russell married Amelia Pearl (Stewart) and they moved to his parent's ranch and lived in a building called "little house".  Russell and Amelia purchased the ranch in late 1949 moving back to the ranch in January of 1950. Ranching can be dangerous work as Russell found when he lost his arm in the hay bailer. Russell’s ingenuity helped him to adapted farm machinery so that he could continue ranching. Russell succeeded in a run for County Commissioner in 1956 and served as commissioner for sixteen years.

In 1958 Harold Higginson died from a heart attack; Essie followed in 1966. Today the ranch is still held by the family, but was downsized a bit. Seven hundred and sixty acres were kept on the west side of Highway 105.

The ranch just south of Spruce Mountain.

A newer photo of the some of the same buildings as above and looking north.

The Higginson Ranch house built in 1908.

This building was the coal house and also was used as a chicken coop.

These buildings are now part of the new owners house. Keeping some of the historic aspects of the old ranch the new Spruce Mountain Ranch is helping to keep history alive.

Thanks to the Colorado Historic Newspaper Collection; US Federal Census Records; Our Heritage the People of Douglas County – Amelia P. Higginson author;  Beverly (Higginson) Noe, Clara McClure Turner’s talk to the Pikes Peak Grange, 1976.